Is Your Limousine Drivers Days Numbered?

Driverless Limos?

Technology seems to be advancing leaps and bounds and in the world of automobiles is no different with driverless cars becoming a reality in the years to come, so your limousine drivers days could be numbered, however they can rest easy for another few years.

Many makes of vehicles which are commonly used as limousines such a Mercedes and Audi all have vehicles in testing, however we are not expected to see retail use until 2020 – 2025.

“errors you hope your professional limousine driver would not make…”

In the mean while, Australian road laws will have to be amended in particular the rule that a driver must “proper control of the vehicle” if there is any chance of driverless vehicles to be allowed to operate on the road.

Would driverless cars and limos be safe?

Today, one of the main causes of accidents is due to driver distraction from mobile phones with human error the core of all accidents. So, will driverless cars (and limos) be any safer? Car manufactures believe so, as most of the human error and distraction will be removed, however they do admit that in the case of freak accidents, human judgment and intervention will still be required since the automated vehicles would not be able to cope with the complexities of the situation. However, that does not count for the fact that in an emergency situation, many drivers would not be able to handle a vehicle in a ‘freak accident’ as many inexperienced drivers would make basic errors such as, over correction and excessive braking etc – errors you hope your professional limousine driver would not make in sticky situation!

So whats our driving future?

Car manufactures are taking steps in automated vehicles and implementing them to the consumer with the first vehicles being automated up to 60km’s per hour to deal with typical city, stop start traffic before eventually stepping up to 130km’s per hour for freeway operation with vehicles due not until the year 2025. So, it looks like you’re still going to have to drive to the shops yourself and our limo drivers will still have jobs for a while yet.

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